Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dog Seizures

Most seizures are inherited from the blood line of the pet.The causes for these episodes are not know why.Vets say it could be cause by abnormal brain activity,which creates muscle to be uncontrollable.Some others cause can contribute to brain tumor, brain trauma and other factors.Seizures are not painful to your dog,but could cause confusion for them. They can last a few seconds to five minutes or more.Dog do not swallow there tongue so do not put your finger in there mouth you might get bit.If they last more than five minutes you need to seek medical treatment for them at once.My wife and i have a rat terrier we had him over a year and a half he has had three seizure since we had him.His mother has them he inherit from her.Doc says he fine just one of those unfortunate things that was pass on by his parents. He is a playful little fellow likes to play tug a war with his rope we all love him he just like one of the here


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