Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dog Seizures

Most seizures are inherited from the blood line of the pet.The causes for these episodes are not know why.Vets say it could be cause by abnormal brain activity,which creates muscle to be uncontrollable.Some others cause can contribute to brain tumor, brain trauma and other factors.Seizures are not painful to your dog,but could cause confusion for them. They can last a few seconds to five minutes or more.Dog do not swallow there tongue so do not put your finger in there mouth you might get bit.If they last more than five minutes you need to seek medical treatment for them at once.My wife and i have a rat terrier we had him over a year and a half he has had three seizure since we had him.His mother has them he inherit from her.Doc says he fine just one of those unfortunate things that was pass on by his parents. He is a playful little fellow likes to play tug a war with his rope we all love him he just like one of the here


Friday, March 14, 2014

Dog Cancer Info

Do you know what to look for to find out if your dog has cancer.There are many different kinds of cancer your pet could get.But do you really know how to detect it, and what you can do about the dog cancer.  

 Not to panic there are specialist in these fields.Your dog can be treated and live a long life by medications and proper diet.Knowledge and early detection can bring a brighter outcome for  you and your pet when done properly that being the key factor.

   A lot of these thing one can do them self's to keep from having a hefty vet bill.Just a little loving care and  knowledge can go a long way.When your pet look at you for help get prepared.Dog cancer info is all you need.

   I have done some research on finding the best dog cancer information on the net.I highly rec amen this to everyone and have found great satisfaction in it myself.I know the feeling of despair one has for there beloved pet God be with you and i hope this will help. Finding the right guide to help you in this matter can be found here.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Catnip what it is and the many uses it has

<!-- made by Catnip what it is and the many uses it has.
--> Catnip, Netta catarrh, could be a family Labial member aforementioned to be a import that went wild and currently thrives everyplace. It grows concerning 2 foot tall. The leaves area unit downy on top of and below, slightly larger than peppermint leaves. By the 1890's, Ojibwa girls were victimization it. It had a Native name, Albigensian, and was mentioned to be a decent tea to drink to bring down fevers, moreover as luscious. Taken as a hot infusion, Netta catarrh promotes sweating and is helpful for colds, flu, fevers, and infectious childhood diseases. it's soothing to the system nerves and calming to the abdomen. It aids with flatulence, diarrhea, and colic. it's typically used as A cloister to cleanse and heal the lower intestine use in diluted form. Netta catarrh helps to forestall miscarriage and premature birth moreover as allays sickness. Catnip, a member of the family Labial, could be a harmless "high" for felines. though several cats can eat it, scientists say they are reacting to the smell instead of the style. Felines bite, chew, rub against, and appear Netta catarrh to unleash the oil from within the leaves. Netta catarrh is harvested once this vital oil production reaches its peak, and leaves and sweet flowers area unit rigorously dry to preserve essential oils at their best. A hardy, upright, perennial herb with durable stems bearing bushy, cruciform, grayish-green leaves. The flowers area unit white or lilac, 0.25 in. long, and occur in many clusters toward the ideas of the stems. coming from Europe & Asia, transported in USA & Canada. It's simply cultivated in any garden soil, with very little care, because the plant doesn't need the wet that almost all mint plants want. Plants ought to be mature from seed seeded wherever they're aiming to stand. injured or recently transplanted plants area unit probably to be consumed by cats unless protected. The seed ought to be seeded terribly thinly in rows twenty inches apart and therefore the seedlings dilute dead set twenty inches apart within the rows. It needs virtually no care except occasional weeding. A bed can last many years. It may be propagated by division of the roots in spring. The herb is harvested simply before flowering in the middle to late summer on a dry, sunny day and in a late morning once all condensate is gone. Drying ought to be done rigorously. The leaves area unit stripped from the stems and dried as quickly as doable with a sensible ventilation out of direct daylight, or in A kitchen appliance at a hundred and fifty degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit to avoid losing a lot of oils. - There are over 250 lines of white flowered plants of Netta catarrh,which are in the mint family labial. Works on most all wild & tame pussycat. Felines love laying,rolling,rubbing up against them for mellowing effects from the oils.If they become aggressive from use of catnip,honeysuckle may be your best alternative. Some felines do not respond to catnip they must inherit the gene for it. The bud is the most dominant part of Netta catarrh. UV rays can cause combination,so it is best kept frozen. One can crush it & by laying it around the cats habitat can control use of the product. Plants & seed can be obtained at horticultural centers across the country. Price range differently from place to place so one would have to check for best deals if cultivated. Nepeta cataria is grown in landscape & gardens used for people consumption. As we all know cats love it to.Folks put it in soup,tea,even has been used on meats just to name a few. The product needs to be organic grown with no pesticide on or in them as everyone knows,would not be healthy for use. The medicine mainly comes from the leafs.There are many more products made from catnip for one to image that it is unbelievable. Catnip grows in leaf form,but also in grass blade. The primary chemical constituents of Catnip include essential oils and tannins. Iron is also included,selenium,potassium,chromium,manganese, and balanced amounts of other vitamins and minerals. This herb also has many topical applications - as a bath herb for stress, colic and teething; as a compress or fomentation for pain, sprains, bruises and insect bites, fomentation for toothache; and as a hair rinse for scalp irritation. Other uses include Netta catarrh as a liniment for arthritis and rheumatism; as an eyewash for irritation, allergies and bloodshot eyes; as an enema to purify the colon; and as a counterirritant for hemorrhoids. Health utilize from Netta Catarrh . Eases effortlessly symptoms of flu, colds and bronchitis. Helps a unrestful child sleep. Relieves the discomfort of abdomen disorders, including colic, spasm,acidity and turgidity. Calming action for hysteria, antsinesses and headaches. Cleanses and heals the lower viscera when used as an enema. Catnip should not be used during impregnation as it increases menstruation flow.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Pet World

Love Pet world Every pet in the world has the right to a happy life no matter what the case may be. People are finding new ways to do this very thing. From pet expert site to well know reliable veterinarians information on animal knowledge is scoring in the highest. Which ever you prefer always do what best for your pet. After all it is your final decision that counts. Here at we love pet world searching on Google for the right website or in the yellow pages for the right vet is a lot easier than you think.

Some of the websites can give you tips on training from experts that have made this their life long occupation. Training such as pot tie training,dog jumping,certain commands,and many more. There are lots of reliable sites on the internet that teaches you how to train your pets. So what ever you are looking for i am almost certain that you can find it.

Finding a excellence vet threw the phone book or net is getting easier all the time. Finding  or hearing about a unhealthy fury friend here at we love pet world is a very sad thing. When looking for a veterinarian information make sure hes or she is close  by so the trip is affordable and the cost of the visit is not to high .Keeping them healthy and happy that the way it is here. So when you want to train your pets look the info not hard to find.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog or Cat love Pet World

Dog or Cat love Pet World
What ever kind of pet you have, whether it be a dog or cat both make great companions.Although dogs are great protectors and can be train for many different tasks such as drug  enforcement,helping the blind,even helping the hearing impaired just to name some about the subject. Dogs are tasks doer,s train right they will give heart and soul to do there objective.No matter what the breed big or small they all need special care.Sometimes it is a trail and error to find the food they like that has high nutrition.Keeping them  healthy should be every pet owner goal. With high tech knowledge from modern day one would have no problem keeping their pet in top shape.Show them love you will have a happy active friend.Some think that if they are not pure bread that their worthless but that is not the case all are appreciated to someone.So remembering this it could be a great addition to the family.Love my dog here at love pet world.

Cats are usually more mellow of the two and very playful keeping them healthy and happy will prolong their life.Everybody spoils the cat with special pet foods and toys. Some say you don't own the cat it own you, knowing mine i think this could be true .There are many different kinds of felines in the world today.When training a cat people find out this can turn out to be a job with in it self, but when done right you will find a happy owner and cat.Your cat petting sometime causes them to purr showing a contented pet. Although some can be radical at times they can be tame down with catnip. Some even have to be d clawed for bad behavior actions. For the most part the lot can be corrected very easily.There is nothing like a furry loving friend to hold and love.The both are love in our family by all we could not image life without them.
So in turn whether you have one or both it is your responsibly to be loving,caring and knowledgeable to pursue their well being. I just cannot for the likes of me tolerate someone who abuse's a pet of any kind.It so sad that this happen in the world today.Penalties are not sever enough for some of the action people do today,but that is my opinion.On this assumption that most people feel the same way we do, pets are just a way of life for most of us here at we love pets.Love my cat at love pet world.

When looking for info on your pet dog or cat you will find some of the best right here. From training manual to pet foods and toys. Doing for your pets could lead to a great relationship. Keeping them in fine fettle will be in master and pets greatest interest, Knowing this it time to give them what the need and want.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Searching for Animal Care.

             As rising cost continue to soar so are the pets care. In today's economy one must chose the right places for there needs.
One great source for the info is to do a local search on Google,where you can find what you need at the time. Weather it be supplies or medical.

             Hints for more info from searching.
Start with a know site to be reliable and follow the links that they provide. The most reliable and authoritative sites are academic institutions and universities,government agencies, and professional organizations and associations. Again Google is the place to search.

The information on the Internet or World Wide Web is not necessarily accurate, correct, complete, or reliable.  This issue is especially critical for animal health information.

Make sure that it is a reliable and established site before any decision are made. Your animal's life and health could be jeopardizes if taken lightly. Always consult your vet before proceeding with any health care situations. 

Learning and caring for your pet no matter what kind is a never ending  responsibility of all owners.So in short make sure that it is right for your pet never put them in harm. Be good to them and yourself.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Diabetes in Pets

Info on Diabetes in Pets

It is not only the human kind that can develop diabetes.
Even our beloved pets, no matter how well we care for them,
can develop diabetes,But if caught in time can be treated.

This is often a scary situation for the pet owner and the
first question that is usually asked of the veterinarian is,
can diabetes in pets be treated or will i have to put it to sleep?

Of course this is a difficult issue and the answer may vary
on the overall age and health of your be-love pet.

Many older pets that are diagnosed with diabetes go on to
live many more happy years, but this takes commitment and
 a daily routine of proper care for your pet.

Diabetic cats and dogs can live just as long as perfectly
healthy pet if the diabetes is diagnosed and treated
properly by both the veterinarian and the owner.

This takes great commitment from the owner. Pets must be
cared for and watched after with a high level of care and

There can be no feeding the cat and forgetting until the
next day. There is no leaving the pet along to go on a
trip. Every day your pet will need medication, fed a proper
diet and his activity will need to be supervised closely.

This will not mean you will have to give up your job and
stay home full time with your pet, but it does mean you
will have to pay more attention to what his behavior is and
know what to do if the situation should happen to change.

You should maintain diabetic kit for your pet that should
contain some Insulin with matching insulin syringes and
a container for used syringes.You will also need glucose test strips,
ke-tone test strips and collection device for urine sample.
For low blood glucose episodes maple syrup or corn syrup is best.

Attaching a medical alert tag to your pets collar to that lets others know
that your pet takes insulin for diabetes is also a great idea.Ask your about
special food and treats you can give them.

It is also more of a financial obligation to have a sick
pet.Diabetes in pets should be discussed in great length
with your vet before you make your final decision.