Friday, December 31, 2010

A Story About my Cat

My cats name is Pickachew she is black and white short hair and beautiful.I have had her since she was a kitten.She is a very friendly easy going love able feline .Pickachew who i have become very fond of lived indoors most of her young life.As she became older she require the taste of the out doors.

And so she lives out doors now she seems to enjoy it very much.Even tho it broke my heart that were i let her stay,for that where she seems to be the happy'est.We live a mile or two outside of town,so she gets to run like a free bird.I guess cats were born for freedom.I feed her and check her out every day to make sure she is healthy.Than i pet her and tell her that i love her.When i go off to work i tell her i will see her when i get home.

A few weeks ago i went hunting the funnest thing happen. Pickachew went with me.As i sat down she came over and sat beside me.We sat there for awhile and i saw a squirrel in the forks of a tree .We sat there for a little while longer until i could get a good shot on it or so i thought.But when i shot it fell back in the fork in the tree.Well when i shot i figure pickachew would take off.Nope she did'nt she look at me than the tree.Next thing i know she takes off and climbs the tree got the squirrel and brought it back to me.Some times i think that she thinks she a hunting dog.The whole family loves her because she sure is part of it.

Now anytime any of us go hunting she right there with us darn-est thing i ever seen.Don't it beat all! She my special cat i don't think there will be another one like her.Smart as a tack you just got to love her.Want to see her picture just click the word pickachew .{more to come later}

January 16,2011

Animals do funny things

Yesterday while i was looking out the window i saw my pet cat do the funniest thing.She was having a kicking match with a rabbit.They where laying down on the ground on there sides facing each other.Well they had there front legs around each other while they were taking there bottom ones and kicking the crap out of one another.

AS i sat there and watch i told my wife to come over to take a look at what i was laughing about.They laid a good ten minutes do this to each other.My wife said i should stop them before the hurt each other,so i open the door and yelled at them.They both jump up one went to the left the other to the right.

Now i sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee i just happen to look out the window again.This time i saw them doing the opposite, my cat running along side the hopping rabbit down threw the yard and into the woods.Well i guess the one could'nt whip the other so they just become friends for now.It just figures.{more to come later}

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My Cat and the Rooster

My neighbor has a German Shepard dog he is always coming over and bothering my cats or chickens.One day he came over and killed one of the chickens.I was in the house when all the noise started so i go outside to see what is going on.There around the back of the garage i find a dead chicken.Now i looking around to see what cause it.

By this time i could hear the cat a hissing and the rooster a squelching and flapping his wings the next thing i seen was the dog running across the yard yapping and barking.The cat was on his back digging her claws in deep while the rooster was be-hide her digging in his spurs.I telling you what a tag team they where.The old dog was running for home just as fast as he could go.

And they say only a dog protects it territory not the case here.Those two are the best of friends got more respect for each other than most people.There my pets you got to love them.They are a part of our family.Child molester came to our house one day i will have to tell you what the rooster did to him.But that a story for another day.This is Peter Write who says goodnight until the next time.

The Rooster and the child Molester.

My rooster name was moncho i have had him since he was a little biddy. As he was growing up i would sit him on my arm and crow to him.I done this for three or four month.Since there where no other rooster around. One day he crowed back to me.That day i knew that he was on his way to being the cock of the walk. He was from the red leg breed although he was pure white.

I kept him in a cage till he was old enough to take care of himself. Once he was old enough i turn him loose.I built a chicken house for him and the hens.The hens would go in and sleep in the house ,but moncho would not .He slept in a walnut tree that stood by my house.That where he slept every night winter or summer that where you would find him. I could not get him to sleep in the chicken house for the love of me. He would fly up on the roof and than on a limb of that walnut tree that were he slept every night.My cat and him were very good friends. He would not eat the chicken feed i threw out for him and the hens,instead he would eat cat food with my cat. Have you every seen the likes!

Now moncho was big enough to breed the hens out of all the chicks i got four more roosters. They stay up in the tree with him. So now moncho has four little ones to teach.One out of the four was not right in the head. But moncho being the way he was and how he was soon corrected that problem fast the only way he new how, but that another story for another day.

One early morning someone one knock on the door.It was a man we all knew to be a convicted child molester.He was asking me about a old pickup i had sitting in the back yard and would i be willing to sell it for parts.I told him i would think about by this time he was starting to argue with me .Before i could tell him to get off my propriety i heard a thump on the roof .Next thing i knew moncho came flying off the roof right on the top of his head and stated flogging his head.By this time the blood was starting to roll down his face.I told the rooster to get off, but he just kept it up till the boy ran to his car.When he got to his car and open the door moncho finely jump off. I watch as he spun up the driveway while the rooster was standing there flapping his wings and crowing. That was one of two i ever seen him attack.But that's also another story for another day. One thing about it the man never came back.Old rooster gone now he probably up in chicken haven being the cock of the walk there. And they say animals don't have no intellect. Try again what do you think.This is Peter Write who says goodnight until the next time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paris Hilton loves pets are it on Google

Even Paris Hilton loves pets.

Pets are it says Pairs Hilton who loves pets so much she would of like to have been a veterinarian.Her favor t are dogs in which she surrounds her self with. Pets are diffidently a great part of her life that she enjoys tremendously. Taking care of them are a blessing and so rewarding which separates her from the busy parts of her life.She has a love for many kinds of animals.Pairs is so obsessed on spoiling her pets from the great love that she has for them.

There are many celebrities that love animals that go to great links to protect them.Among a few are Hillary Duff, Matt Damon,and Cesar Millan.Taking care of them is a high priority in there life's. Pets should be fed in regimented intervals with proper food.Should be well groom,also protect from fleas and worms.Get all there shot when they are needed with good records for referents.Always consult a veterinarian to make sure you are doing the right thing.So be good to your pets love them and they will love you back after all they are a part of the family.You can find more facts on Google.

Pairs loves small dogs and many other types of animals.She has bought several bunnies,hamster,and a monkey.She even has a puppy that likes to go shopping who she has adopted.He is a pug who's name is mugsy.She is into animal rights and this is a good thing as we all should be.Those who are in to animals knows that there is no greater rewards then the love of there pet.Some participate in walk marathons and donate to shelters. While others blog and talk about the importance of cruelty to animals.But what every you do remember don't breed adopt if you can.{More to come!}

Paris still has the love for pets,loves the little dogs and cats.They says she bring strays home quit often.But now days she is in to doing community service at a local animal shelter, or working with animals.

Paris says she wants to be a good girl now,but only time will tell.she has cancel a lot of events.You see her on a lot of beaches doing what every.I guess everyone should have a little fun once in a while.It must be a boring life in Los Angles ha ha.

Paris was born in New York City,New York.Her occupations are socialite, modeling, actress, singer, songwriter,and her love for the animals.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

n his website, Dr. Andrew Jones, who has practiced Veterinary Medecine for over 17 years, presents, firtly, "Hoochie", his beloved dog died young at 8 years old. He informs people that his dog had the ideal life, he was given a ton of attention, fed only Veterinary approved foods, three times exercises daily. All the vaccines had been given to "Hoochie".

Dr. Andrew now is "crying" that he might have contributed to his death, because he was believing ONLY in conventional veterinary medicine.

Over the past few years, Alternative Pet Health Care has grown. but the truth is that Veterinarians have STRONGLY discouraged pet owners from treating their pets outside of the Vet Clinic.

The entire Pet Health Industry has a vested interest in discrediting alternative medicines which can safely, naturally and effectively allow pet owners to Heal their Dogs, Cats and all other familiar animals at home and save Vet Bills.

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed" Guide of 480 Pages (Dr. Andrew Jones) for Pet Health Home Remedies.

From the death of his dog, Dr. Andrew Jones, began to read, to research, to ask Vet Colleagues and pet owners until he decided to write a book and published it in May of 2004. It is called "Veterinary Secrets Revealed". In Spring 2009, he released a second edition of this book because of its success.

Easily Care For Your Pet At Home : Treat Illnesses Confidently And Competently, Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients...

Veterinary Secrets Revealed Guide allows dog and cat (and familiar pets) owners to Pet Health Home Remedies And Save Vet Bills from any pet problems as:

- Diseases and Illnesses: as cancer, usually treated with conventional medications that make your pet feel worse rather than better.
- Aliments: as back spasms or arthritis that reduce your pet's ability to enjoy favorite activities.
- Behavior problems : like aggression that can lead to dangerous situations inside and outside home.

The Guide "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" provides all the information you need to keep your pet healthy or to improve the health of your sick pet and especially cat health home remedies and dog health home remedies.

And, home remedies pet illness Revealed does it without medical jargon, without complicated procedures, and without an eye on the pharmaceutical companies bottom line.

Final Words?

It's time to Heal Your Dog Or Cat At Home And Save Vet Bills using Veterinary Secrets Revealed Guide which is indispensable, helpful, containing wealth of information to help every pet owner to take care and treat their animals naturally and keep them as healthy as their owner.

To Pet Health Home Remedies And Save Vet Bills, I highly recommend to read more about Dr. Andrew Jones 'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' Guide.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Love Pets

,Five tips for taking care of your pets,and keeping them healthy.Things that people who love pets should know.There are many things a person should know,but i will only talk about five today.
One is to make sure they get plenty of water and food.If they are out side make sure that there water dose not freeze in the winter time.If it dose replace it.In the summer time you should keep fresh cool water for them at all times.
Two make sure that they get there shot early when they should and keep good up to date records.
Three make sure that they get worm medication at the right time.You want to keep them as healthy as you can after all they are part of the family.
Four lovers of pets all over world should provide a warm and dry shelter.Keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Five make sure they get plenty of exercise to keep them healthy to maintain a long life.
If you show love to your pets they will love you back,after all they have feelings too.So you want to show them as much kindness as you can,which should be a high priority for all pet lovers.Love your pet,it can be a very awarding experienced.Make sure you always consult a veterinarian about major problems.Take care of them please,and god bless you.Thank you, pet lovers around the world ! If you want to see more click the word pets.

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There are thousands of pets in this country alone that need homes.Nearly 2 out of 3 animals who enter a shelter never make it out. Too many dogs and cats in shelters don't get a second chance simply because there is no one to adopt them.Some are abuse and abandoned by there owners.Make you wonder how they treat there children don't it.Many of these programs need your support,so do your part please.Keep all of our animals safe and loved its the human way thank you.

If you donate to these shelters it would be a great needed help to saving our misfortune d pets in this country.If you adopt make sure you can provide and love them for a long and happy life.So treat them like part of the family after all that's what they are. I hope you find it in your heart to do your part.Will they be rescued?.You decide join the fight.

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