Sunday, February 20, 2011

A great place to get traffic

Her are a couple of place to get free traffic.There are many
such sites that are free and some paid.But never the less this will
get you exposure.And the best part is the more your site gets seen the
more you make.What could be better than that.Click on them now to see.

click the box

Ways To Get More Traffic

Posting comments on high traffic blogs and websites in your niche
are a good way of getting targeted traffic.Some of those ideas i will
share with you today.So here are a few you can try out now.Getting
high quality back-links to your site or blog is one way of getting
traffic.Make good intelligent comments that relate to there post.Make
sure that you can leave your link with comment.

1.Ping-O-Matic Use this tool to tell search engine about new
content that you have written.

2.Post your sites on social networks such as.
Be Bo
My space
You tube

3.Post on directory's
Pro Link Directory
web net

small business forums

5.Article directory's
Ezine Article

And another if you do nothing then you get nothing.So have out my
friends.Be sure to leave your comments to tell me what you think or

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Marketing Tips

Marketing is the wide range of activities involved in making sure that
you're continuing to meet the needs of your customers and are getting
appropriate value.You should do inbound and outbound marketing.By
finding the right product for your customer and targeting your
customer's needs. This is a must for your business to survive.It is
important to describe the products that you are selling.Also to tell
them were they can get it on your site.Checking on your competitors
site is another good tip for what ever line of business you are in.So
it really about finding the right people who want your products.You
can do a lot marketing from free source on the internet.There are
social networking,organic search,and some you pay for such as pay per
click just a few for starters.Remember i can't express this point
enough make sure that you target the people who want your products.
Here are four department's to help in your business.
Get your tips on
Here is a great tool to use for your business.

1.Small Business Administration
2.Better Business Bureau
3.National Association for the Self-Employed
4.Small Business Development Center

More about marketing.
Inbound marketing research requires you to find out what your
client's are looking for for and to fill there needs.
Such as,
1.competitor analysis
2.pricing analysis
3.its unique value proposition
4.Its brand and name

Outbound marketing
2.Your sales
3.Customer service and satisfaction

Always evaluate your marketing program to see whats working best for
your product or products.SO get promoting good luck wish you the best.

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