Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Pet World

   We love pets at love pet world,today where we will be talking about more tips on taking care of your pets.You know the best part of having pets is the companionship and love between both participant.Therefore caring for them should be a high priority. To those who can relate to this topic.

1.Just because it may be winter dose not mean that fleas are not active,because they are.Here are things you should do.
    A. Use a good brand flea shampoo.
    B. Use a high quality flea collar.
    C. You can use a gel on the back of there neck,if you do this don't bath them.

2.Do not feed your pet table scrap.
Some table scrap could cause pancreatic or salmonella poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, depression, fever, and loss of appetite.Keep them on their own food diet to ensure good health. When the pancreas malfunctions and the enzymes end up digesting the pancreas itself. This could cause death for your pet.

3.A quick info tip for those that do not understand parvovirus or know what it is. Parvirus is highly easy to transmit to dogs. It can be carried around on your clothes, hands, shoes, and can be found in yards, in the dirt and even transfer it with any kind of tires. This virus once you have it in your yard will expose dogs to it for months and even up to a year. The virus attacks the intestines of dogs and puppies are more prone to coming down with it compared to adult dogs, but all dogs are at risk until vaccinated against it. Once the virus takes hold in a dog, 24-48hrs later the dog is usually dead. You can have a dog treated for parvovirus if caught early, the costs to treat them is expensive.
Also there are parvovirus tests that are very simple to use and follow the same as a home pregnancy tests. Downside is, the dog can be carrying the virus but not shedding enough of it in their feces to be picked up by this type of testing. It is a good tool though to catch it early before the dog is showing serious signs of distress. A blood test can be done too.

Cats can also get parvovirus called Panleukopenia.This virus is different from dog pravo. There are tests that can detect cat parvo in feces and urine, but these are expensive tests and are usually performed in research labs.There is no cure for feline parvo. That’s why it’s so important to get your cat vaccinated as soon as possible. All cats should be vaccinated starting at age 4-6 weeks old. If your cat survives the first five days of the illness, chances are she will survive.

  We all love our pets so be kind to them. Keep good records so you will know when to treat them again. Fleas are hard to keep up with,because they multiple so fast.The infestation from fleas can over run a house in a matter of days. They not only attack your pets but some people as well. For those that are allergic to fleas they can really cause problems for them. We love pets at love pet world. God bless have a good day.

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