Sunday, November 20, 2011

Computers & videos

Many years ago, it would have been impossible to edit videos at home because it can only be done in exclusive editor suites. But now, things are quite different. If you have a desktop computer with enough disk space, CPU power, and Fire Wire or USB port, you can now edit cherished videos to create good quality videos with all the effects you see in modern professional movies.

When you’re editing videos, huge CPU power is being used as you move lots of data to and from the disk. Having a fast machine allows you to write and render in a few minutes but if you’re using a slow computer, the task will take several hours.

If you’re doing a lot of writing and rendering files, Pentium Quad Core computers are great or even a Mac model with 2 to 1 GB of RAM. Pentium 3 machines can handle data stream but when you’re using other applications, the video editing software will not function.

In order to edit videos, you must also choose good quality software. If you have Windows XP, there is already built-in software that lets you edit raw footages. The same thing is true with Apple and Sony computers.

Why is it that many video editors use Adobe Premier? The reason why many people use Adobe is because it provides free demo versions and it can be used on Macs and PCs. Adobe’s software is also well respected and full featured so you can do various editing tasks. Still, if you don’t want to spend on a new editing software, you can always use the WMM (Windows Movie Maker) and IMovie.

Aside from the CPU, RAM is another crucial element in video editing with computers. Even if the CPU is fast, the machine will still remain sluggish without the RAM. The recommended RAM is 512 MB although there are individuals who use 128 MB. So if you’re using the 512 MB RAM, you can browse and use more than two files with ease. Here’s a good example. When the CPU needs a file, the file will be delivered to the RAM from the hard disk for greater speed manipulation. If another file is requested, you can get both files successively. Now this is possible only if you’re using 512 MB RAM but if you’re using the smaller one, the computer will work slower.

If you currently have 128 MB RAM, add more especially if you plan to do a lot of video editing tasks. You must be aware that Windows XP requires 256 MB (RAM) and when you load other applications, it will need additional RAM to remain fast and responsive. For starters, you can settle with 512 MB or if you want to invest more on video editing, you can increase the RAM to 768 MB – 1GB.

Make sure that you get the appropriate RAM for your computer’s motherboard. So far, the most appropriate in the market is the RDRAM 1066. This is suitable for a Pentium 4 cpu and it is expensive.  A less expensive alternative is the DRAM or DDR. You can choose among DDR266, DDR300, and DDR400. If you’re no familiar with the motherboard of your computer, you should check with the seller company or the online site.

Now that you know the computer requirements, you will know if your computer is suitable for video editing tasks.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is very serious can affect humans and pets.When your pet has a hard time urinating or there is blood present, most likely it will have a bad smell to it. When not caught in time it can spread to the bladder or kidneys could cause very serious illness and possibly death. The medical term is called Cystitis.

      K9 and feline can contract the infection, but more often found in female dogs.There are many ways to correct the problem when your pet gets ill with urinary tract infection.There are home remedies and professional ways.

One  way is to give them fresh clean water and try to get them to drink as much as possible and giving them urination break often.If they are having trouble urinating then they may be in pain.

 In milder case you can give them food mixed with water this could help clean his urine tract out.

If all else fails you can get antibiotic from your vet if in pain something for it to,but giving them to your pet can be quit a chore in it self. You can put it in there food or water if it is liquid.

If it is a pill form you will have to tip his or her  head back and push it to the back of his throat to get them to swallow it.

Keeping your pet or companion  healthy and knowing how to take care of him or her is a responsibility every one should undertake.A happy pet is a healthy pet.

Always get advice from your veterinarian never take any thing for granted.Treat your pet with care after all they are a part of your family.