Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paris Hilton loves pets are it on Google

Even Paris Hilton loves pets.

Pets are it says Pairs Hilton who loves pets so much she would of like to have been a veterinarian.Her favor t are dogs in which she surrounds her self with. Pets are diffidently a great part of her life that she enjoys tremendously. Taking care of them are a blessing and so rewarding which separates her from the busy parts of her life.She has a love for many kinds of animals.Pairs is so obsessed on spoiling her pets from the great love that she has for them.

There are many celebrities that love animals that go to great links to protect them.Among a few are Hillary Duff, Matt Damon,and Cesar Millan.Taking care of them is a high priority in there life's. Pets should be fed in regimented intervals with proper food.Should be well groom,also protect from fleas and worms.Get all there shot when they are needed with good records for referents.Always consult a veterinarian to make sure you are doing the right thing.So be good to your pets love them and they will love you back after all they are a part of the family.You can find more facts on Google.

Pairs loves small dogs and many other types of animals.She has bought several bunnies,hamster,and a monkey.She even has a puppy that likes to go shopping who she has adopted.He is a pug who's name is mugsy.She is into animal rights and this is a good thing as we all should be.Those who are in to animals knows that there is no greater rewards then the love of there pet.Some participate in walk marathons and donate to shelters. While others blog and talk about the importance of cruelty to animals.But what every you do remember don't breed adopt if you can.{More to come!}

Paris still has the love for pets,loves the little dogs and cats.They says she bring strays home quit often.But now days she is in to doing community service at a local animal shelter, or working with animals.

Paris says she wants to be a good girl now,but only time will tell.she has cancel a lot of events.You see her on a lot of beaches doing what every.I guess everyone should have a little fun once in a while.It must be a boring life in Los Angles ha ha.

Paris was born in New York City,New York.Her occupations are socialite, modeling, actress, singer, songwriter,and her love for the animals.